11 aprile 2002

Fassung ist für Abonnenten in der NormenBibliothek erhältlich. [36] At a meeting soon after the coup between Ambassador Shapiro and then Venezuelan Vice President José Vicente Rangel at the Vice President's home, Rangel also stated to Shapiro that "no one in the upper echelons of the Venezuelan government really believed that the United States was involved in the attempted overthrow" and that if the Venezuelan government did believe so, "the two men wouldn't have been sitting in Rangel’s house". Six of them, charged with homicide, were sentenced to 30 years each in prison. Deutsch. [114], After two young female military prosecutors interviewed Chávez at Fort Tiuna on Friday morning about the 11 April massacre. Another documentary made by Venezuelans Wolfgang Schalk and Thaelman Urgelles [es], X-Ray of a Lie, discusses what they allege as manipulation of the Irish production of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Cube 2: Hypercube. [178], Under the 1999 Constitution, military officers are entitled to a pre-trial hearing before the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice to rule on whether they should be charged with a crime. When Lameda hung up, he told Hernandez that the call "was from an officer who was present when an order was issued to send the military intelligence police after him". [51] By 8:30 pm, Luis Miquilena, Chávez's mentor and a respected individual among his government being described as "the most important civilian who supported the Chávez government" pulled his support from Chávez stating, "I solemnly declare that it is very difficult that a government of this nature could ever count on the possibility of help on my part ... (the government) had ended up stained in blood". Mit 365 Tagen ist 2002 ein ganz normales Jahr und kein Schaltjahr. [54] In a statement, they declared that they had no longer had "recognition" of Chávez, whom they accused of "betraying the trust of the people" and held responsible for the deaths of peaceful protesters. [144][146] Ultimately the CD rejected the outcome of the 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum, which saw 59% of the vote for Chávez, despite the OAS and Carter Center's authentication of the result. [21] This action, according to The Los Angeles Times, "united all the anti-Chávez forces", bringing together labor leader Carlos Ortega with Pedro Carmona Estanga, head of Venezuela's largest business federation, Fedecámaras, in a call for an "indefinite general strike" in support of oil workers. [6] Two days later in Caracas, up to one million Venezuelans marched in opposition to Chávez. Vice Adm. Mario Ivan Carratu later said. [144] In order to facilitate participation in this process, the anti-Chávez opposition created the Coordinadora Democrática (CD). [88] The protesters made it closer to Miraflores and the Presidential Guard responded with more tear gas, about 20 gas canisters causing panic and a dispersion of the demonstrators to areas surrounding the palace. [104], At 10:20 pm National Guard general Alberto Camacho Kairuz declared on television that Chávez had "abandoned" his office. [3] This feeling of being tricked especially affected the media since they originally supported Chávez and his promises. [95] According to surgeons, the marchers had been shot in the back with handgun fire while fleeing and others were severely injured from 7.62×51mm NATO military rounds from Fal rifles, standard equipment of the National Guard defending Chávez. The 2003 documentary titled The Revolution Will Not Be Televised contradicts claims by private media in Venezuela that the pro-Chávez group was firing on the opposition protest from Llagano Bridge. Commentario del D.Lgs. (2) Die Steuer darf, wenn die Jahressteuer mehr als 500 Euro beträgt, auch für die Dauer eines Halbjahres und, wenn die Jahressteuer mehr als 1 000 Euro beträgt, auch für die Dauer eines Vierteljahres entrichtet werden. While this documentary has been criticized by another called X-Ray of a Lie and American academic Brian Nelson, who argue that the footage is manipulated and obscures Metropolitan Police on the street below,[175] it's not clear whether this is relevant to the veracity of the claim that pro-Chávez gunmen were not firing on opposition protesters from the bridge. The Times editors also wrote admiringly of the installation of Carmona as president, describing him as a "respected business leader". The name of a current phase, an approximate percent of an illuminated surface of the Moon visible from the Earth, and Moon's age (days) are also provided. Venezuelans across the political spectrum swore that such violence would never take place again. [51] Vásquez Velasco then ordered the Chávez-loyalist General Carneiro be arrested before he could arrest the other officers under Chávez's orders, but Carneiro complied with Vásquez Velasco. 1. Don't let them through! I will act in the most open manner, working with all sectors of the country. [169] A Venevisión camera positioned on a rooftop that afternoon captured images of people using handguns to shoot from the pro-Chávez counter-march being held on the Llagano Overpass, an overpass that crosses one of central Caracas's busiest avenues; it is unclear who they are shooting at, but the opposition narrative is that they were shooting at the opposition march and responsible for the deaths. [157] Rear Admiral Carlos Molina, a central leader of the coup, later said that "We felt we were acting with US support ... we agree that we can’t permit a communist government here. Have a fantastic day! [9] President Chávez refused to resign and was subsequently arrested by the military. [139] Chávez supporters on 13 April were also creating an intimidating atmosphere, attacking the offices of RCTV, breaking windows and shouting "The palace is in our hands, why aren't you showing that? "[54] "The way the provisional government abandoned the constitution produced a very strong reaction – it was a big mistake" said Congressman Felipe Mujica, member of a socialist party that had broken with Chávez but been excluded from the new government. [23], One of the immediate changes Carmona made after his inauguration was to change his country's official name back to the Republic of Venezuela from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the name established by the 1999 Constitution. [60] Both discussions outraged generals since they believed that the Venezuelan government was proposing violence against the public with General Rosendo stating that it seemed that "Chávez actually wanted a confrontation, that he had picked the fight with PDVSA in order to precipitate a crisis". "[30] Senior Research Fellow for the leftist thinktank Council on Hemispheric Affairs[191] and Chávez supporter Nikolas Kozloff wrote that Venevisión owner Gustavo Cisneros was "widely reported" to have bankrolled the coup and that he had hosted the coup plotters, including Carmona, at both his mansion and network offices, supposedly leading Newsweek to place Cisneros "at the vortex of the whole mess. Holy Toledo! It was the 15 th Thursday of that year. "Documents Show C.I.A. [85], At about 12:00pm, Chávez knew the march was on its way and believed a coup was about to be attempted so he called for the implementation of a military plan to occupy key locations in the city, Plan Ávila, the plan first used by Carlos Andrés Pérez during the Caracazo that resulted in the killings of hundreds and possibly thousands of Venezuelans. He said he had suspended the assembly "because the new government would never have accomplished its goals with a congress so stacked to favor one party". Photos of the Moon come from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio. Ricochets were also possible from Chavistas ranks firing through the spokes of the railing on the bridge. [82][88] By that time, Lameda, Molina Tamayo, Carmona, and CTV leader Carlos Ortega had already left the area. The opposition version of events puts the blame on Chávez, or at least on his supporters. Start to seize love opportunities in your life! Back to 2002 calendar . [23] Moreover, Carmona's government repealed the 49 laws passed the previous November that business leaders considered damaging to the economy. How’s your lovelife today? [153], Don MacKay of the Canadian Foundation of the Americas was troubled by the coup, saying: "This is the first time in a decade the military has stepped into power in Latin America. "[53] The Miami Herald reported that "moderate politicians complained that Carmona, a centrist businessman, had been 'hijacked' by rightists". [171] The Chavista gunmen that were seen shooting off the bridge argue that they were, in fact, returning fire at unknown snipers and Metropolitan Police firing towards them. [30] RCTV had also sent its reporters to quiet parts of town for "live shots of tranquility" and allegedly ignored the events. Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road. Following the 1999 constitutional referendum, Chávez was reelected in 2000 under the terms of the new constitution. [36] This included the confusion from rumors such as "Chávez had resigned, been arrested, was fleeing to Cuba, that the military had revolted, that the military high command had resigned" as well as the violent targeting of media personnel that left six cameramen shot, with one of those mortally wounded. [153] President Lagos later clarified that his statements were to tell Venezuela to avoid polarization and the Chile opposes the "interruption of institutional order". [179], After Chávez allegedly took over of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice and filled it with his supporters,[180] the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, however, ruled on 12 March 2004 that the recusals were unconstitutional, making the hearing invalid and which meant that the military officers (by then retired) should stand trial. On 10 April, the strike was less effective, with many schools and businesses re-opening. [45][49], The Washington Times then noted that Chávez had "choked off foreign investment by doubling the royalty payments oil companies must pay to the government and by restricting corporate ownership on some oil projects to 49 percent", and had "alienated workers at his country's state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela, by replacing long-serving professionals with his supporters". [94][138] The video also appeared pre-recorded when Chávez called for the networks to be disconnected due to actions performed on 9 April and not the present day. The US has not let us down yet. [36], Opposition to the Chávez government was then particularly strong, with some of those who were previously in the government before the election of Chávez.

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