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But as a genealogist, I feel it is my responsibility to present these to you as theories for your consideration, but not ironclad facts. For example: As we progress through the list chronologically, names become slightly more familiar to those of us who had worked with Trentino records. Then, from pages 63-211, he gives a detailed study of the history of specific Trentino surnames. As you probably know, my spring trip to Trento was cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns. He also says there was a Stefano Franch of Cloz who was exiled following the Guerra Rustica (Rustic War, or Peasant War) of 1525. Dal nostro punto di vista, considerando il fatto che i monaci bizantini sono stati i maestri, per i sardi, per la conservazione dei prodotti della terra e per l'uso delle erbe e delle piante officinali, oltre che per la cultura e la religione, abbiamo pensato ad una parola greca contenente gli effetti della mercorella: col verbo κάδω + όινος (càdo + òinos) = danneggio il vino. @media screen and ( max-width: 100% ) { Also, it was not uncommon for spouses of Cloz residents to come from places like Lauregno and Proves, which are today part of the province of Bolzano/South Tyrol, as these places used to be part of the greater parish of Revò in the distant past. Many (if not most) city dwellers have their origins in other parts of the province (or beyond). In 1919, my late father (Romeo Fedele Serafini) was born in Duvredo, which had been the ancestral home of the Serafini family since 1685 (we've actually traced the Serafini family back to 1590, but they were in a different village during that time). Today, we move on to the first of a series of articles I will be writing on VAL DI NON, in the northern part of the province. From genealogist Lynn Serafinn, Gabbiolo, for example, was once considered part of the comune of Povo. Thus, I have decided to spotlight these parishes in separate articles. Here is the stemma (coat-of-arms) for the Betta di Castel Malgolo as it appears in the book Araldica Tridentina by Gian Maria Rauzi: Tabarelli de Fatis says this line came to Rovereto (from Tierno, via Brentonico), where their title of ancient ‘patrician’ nobility was recorded in 1517. Atti giudiziari 1531 febbraio 7- 1542 settembre 1. We also looked dozens of surnames from that era, and considered how their spelling has changed over the centuries. From these, we can get a snapshot of family groups and their neighbourhoods, often learning names, ages, places of birth, occupation, date of immigration (especially in US docs), etc. Thus, it is the body of work called the registri parrocchiali (‘parish registers’ or ‘parish records’) that is always the primary focus for anyone researching their Trentino ancestry. Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure that this covers exactly the same geographic area as the 1842 survey, as Bertoluzza doesn’t specify; perhaps it isn’t even specified in the survey, as the information was presumed to be known. SIDE NOTE:  I’ve made a searchable database of Trentini surnames on this site. I also hope I have presented a convincing argument AGAINST the word ‘nickname’ as a translation for the word soprannome. Again, I have seen identical patronymic surnames crop in different places, without any historic connection to each other. Thus, criminals or vagrants (they mention murders, etc.) For the genealogist, a soprannome can be a blessing OR a curse. You might not even have given it a title, just calling it something like ‘Document 1.’. There  is no way to know for sure right now. Please note that there ARE other surnames in the parish, but I haven’t included surnames that appear to have been ‘imported’ from other parishes (especially Brez and Revò) sometime after the beginning of Cloz records. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Leonardi tells us there were once two castles in Cloz. var noopfn = function() { (Psst! width:100%; "/> First, there was a detailed SURVEY of the city of Trento made in 1890, which provides us with a fascinating snapshot of life in the city at that time. The CATHOLIC PARISHES that come under the DECANATO (deanery) of Trento. She is described here as ‘Maria, widow of the late Vittorio Seraphin (Serafin or Serafini) Salvaterra’. If you look closely at this stone, you will notice the fossils of ammonites, indicating this entire area had been under the sea many millions of year ago. However, none of these authors cite any documentation or suggest any concrete evidence for these theories either. Combin corre, scarta, tira e segna con la celerità paurosa di una scarica elettrica. ! So, what did you do? The variant ‘Dorighini’ is also appears in Molveno, but the more common spelling in Cloz is Dorighin (without the final vowel). Apparently, there was a Stefano Betta of Cloz (near Revò) whose name appeared in the catalogue of noble gentry of Valli di Non and di Sole in 1529, but haven’t seen any other mention of the Betta living in Cloz. Soprannomi appear in all manner of ways in the records, depending on the era, the parish and the individual style of the priest. #fca_eoi_form_1218 .fca_eoi_layout_2.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_email_field_wrapper { Rauzi says this Betta line was elevated to the rank of Barons of the Holy Roman Empire by the Duke of Bavaria in 1790. Last time in this special series on Trentino valleys, we looked at the CITY of Trento before the year 1600, including an examination of the fascinating Libro della Cittadinanza of 1577. Only a handful of extended families would have been living in each frazione. Lynn Serafinn Even worse is when a priest suddenly decides to use the soprannome INSTEAD of the surname, leaving the surname out altogether. Please be patient, as it will take a month or so to edit the articles and put them into the eBook format. You can do so via the form at the bottom of this article. Really, the nickname could apply to anyone, anywhere. Here are a few he mentions: We all like a little bit of ‘glamour’ in our family history. A Short Tutorial on Trentini Surnames, subscribe by sending a blank email to, Pizzeria A Trecastagni, Speciale Play With Food Torino Fringe Festival. Lynn will give you a broad overview of how the parish has evolved over the centuries, what kinds of records are available for research, and where you might experience gaps in those records. 1951. Recently when I did some research in Valvestino in the province of Brescia (Lombardia), I encountered another method of recording in soprannomi in Latin records, using the word ‘vulgo’. In his book Guida ai Cognomi del Trentino, linguistic historian Aldo Bertoluzza does not mention the surname Bugnata or Bugnati. Next time, we’ll move on to the parish of REVÒ in Val di Non, the home parish of so many of my clients’ ancestors, and a place I have researched extensively over my years as a genealogist. Here they are from top to bottom and left to right: The consuls expressed the desire to bring back the original concept of ‘citizenship’ as it had been perceived by the ancient Romans, i.e. Now extinct, the surname Catt appears in Cloz records at least through the 1630s, but I haven’t researched it in enough depth to say whether it was replaced by another name or simply died out. Priest and historian P. Remo Stenico has compiled a PDF book of Trentino notaries throughout the centuries. Bertoluzza says Cescolini is cognate with the surname Ceschi, and that they were both derived from the name ‘Cesco’, which is an affectionate nickname for Francesco. If I am aware of parishes changing boundaries or status at different points in history, I will again share what I know. 2005. While some surnames on the Italian peninsula appear in records as early as the 1200s or so, you don’t really see them becoming the norm until around the 1400s, and even then, they are often a bit ‘fluid’ and still in the state of change/clarification. P.S. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at cognomi – surnames. try { Duvredo is a tiny ‘frazione’ (even smaller than a village) in Trentino in northern Italy, with a current population of only 94 people. ), at the expense of the geographic or demographic lenses. Recent research has also led me to conclude that some records are DEFINITELY missing. Note that comuni are the keepers of local CIVIL records. The church of San Stefano is mentioned in documents as far back as 1183, but the original structure was completely rebuilt around 1440. There is no way to keep everything straight without continual, dynamic change to adapt to new situations and needs. var mi_track_user = true; We do not see them in the 1550 Carta di Regola, however, which might  mean they hadn’t yet arrived in Cloz, or they had arrived recently, but were not yet considered full ‘citizens’ of the village. Braccialetti Rossi 2 Puntata 2, Pietro Rauzi (son of Bartolomeo) – born circa 1640, died 27 Feb 1711. Today, I want to start a detailed discussion on the CITY of Trento. Anche in tempi moderni, per citare altri casi, i soprannomi attribuiti ai potenti abbondarono: "Wustenfuchs" ovverosia "la Volpe del Deserto" non era altro che Erwin Rommel, feldmaresciallo tedesco, divenuto noto nella seconda guerra mondiale per la sua astuzia e temerarietà. Trento: Società Iniziative Editoriali (S.R.L.). ANZILOTTI, Giulia Mastrelli. Bertoluzza says the surname arose in both Val di Non and Val Giudicarie. My oldest tree (now around 26,000 people) has a patchwork of styles, which I am gradually trying to standardise. Then name appears in Cloz records (spelled both Gembrin and Gembrini) well into the 20th century. Although sites like Ancestry and programmes like Family Tree Maker don’t have a ‘soprannome’ in their default settings, it is possible to create a ‘custom fact’ (in Family Tree Maker) or ‘custom event’ (in Ancestry) and label it ‘soprannome’. di Eduardo De Filippo Richard Cunningham , detto Richie, è un personaggio della serie televisiva Happy Days . After analysing hundreds of thousands of Italian parish records from at least five different provinces, I can conclude: There is NO consistently used system for recording soprannomi. III, 401, Constituzione di Censo, 1517 dicember 14, Cloz. Bertoluzza offers little about the history or meaning of this surname, saying only that its origins are uncertain. Per quanto riguarda il cognome in questione, dunque, si tratta della cognominizzazione o dei nomi personali dei capostipiti o di soprannomi ad essi attribuiti. Il nome è ancora oggi molto popolare in Italia ed è presente nella Top 15 dei nomi più usati per neonati da oltre 10 anni. Guida ai Cognomi del Trentino. In support of this theory, Bertoluzza cites a record that mentions an Antonio son of Guglielmo Betta in Val Lagarina in 1344 (the earliest mention I’ve seen cited for a Betta). In Latin texts, the most common form of the name is ‘Clautium’, but it can also be found written as Clodium, Clotienses, and Clotium. In this 23-minute video, I document our day in Favrio – called 'Freri' in local dialect – sharing the discoveries we made. Trentino, Tyrolean, Italian? Author Gian Maria Rauzi (Araldica Tridentina) cites historian Quintillo Perini (1865-1942), who believes the Betta came to Trentino from Milan (in Lombardia). X Ma se messo alle strette è il primo a sfoderare le zanne e a partire alla carica. This is because they aren’t really administrative entities, but simply inhabited places that have become a part of the landscape. The SURVIVING PARISH REGISTERS that are available for research in each of the above. How could I present the subject of the geography of Trentino in such a way that it could sustain the interest – and be useful to – beginners through advanced researchers? Trento: Edizioni Biblioteca PP. I have highlighted Val di Non (number 18) in YELLOW. analytics: {}, This word loosely means ‘commonly’, but in this context can be translated as ‘commonly known as’. I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming instalments in this series ‘Trentino Valleys, Parishes and People: A Guide for Genealogists’. And when you see one of these surnames suddenly appearing in a different valley, it is an immediate indication that a branch of the family has migrated. Be assured that we will NEVER use cookies to advertise to you. Marriages between 1811-1815 are not in volume 3 where they should be, but at the end of volume 2, after 1803. This does NOT refer to the marriage records, but to the. SIDE NOTE: Although I mention the LDS microfilms, the LDS Family History Centres have stopped making their microfilms available to the public, as they gradually transfer their libraries into digital format. 26 October  2020. Ethnicity Vs. This is quite different from what we associate with the term ‘nickname’, which is usually something intentionally given to someone to create a sense of intimacy and familiarity. I am also not sure when I will be back in Trento. My client roster for that trip is already full, but if you would like to book a time to discuss having me do research for you on a future trip, I invite you to read my ‘Genealogy Services’ page, and then drop me a line using the Contact form on this site. The surname also appears within a set of judicial documents drafted between 1531-1542. var f = arguments[len-1]; The Archivio Provinciale of Bolzano appears to be in the process of doing the same. For example, these names on the list might be more commonly seen thusly (although I must stress that I am only hypothesising here): Lastly, some people appear not to have be recorded by a surname at all; rather, they are identified by their place of origin. 7 anni fa. This Bishopric of Trento remained in place for almost 800 years, until Napoleon dismantled the office, and indeed the entire Holy Roman Empire. When researching your female ancestors, you need to remember that women in Trentino do not take their husbands’ name when they marry, but retain their fathers’ surnames throughout their lives. Riku. Despite these additions, the population seems to have declined since the earlier survey, now showing only 10,863 residents. Just this year, however (on 1 January 2020), Cloz, Brez, Cagnò, Revò and Romallo were all merged to form the new municipality of Novella, one of the twenty-nine mergers of municipalities in Trentino-Alto Adige.

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