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In Italy really recentely a national law is establishing guidelines in order to foster and implement in the educational system institution (Schools) a new figure: the “School Mobility Manger”. Despite a spread interest and numerous practices developed by public and private bodies regarding MOBILITY MANAGEMENT especially in northern Europe and in the main European capitals, The FIGURE of MOBILITY SCHOOL MANAGER, is still not "institutionalized" and anyway INNOVATIVE and necessitated both to help 'implementation of sustainable mobility policy is to improve the management efficiency of schools. The implementation of such a figure, however, is likely to be ineffective and poorly concrete if not backed up by specific training for school staff that will be affected by this "reform" and the identification and / or increase of the operational links with other modes actors (in public and private) involved in the processes and interventions of mobility management. In this framework, the partnership GENERAL OBJECTIVE is to contribute to innovate and improve the organizational management of educational institutions through a contribution to the implementation of the post of "MOBILITY MANAGER SCHOOL" For this, the partnership comprising 5 countries (IT AT FR SI UK), coordinated dall'ITET G. Caruso (IT) will be of type TRANS SECTOR and TRANSNATIONAL as plans to consider and benefit, both the positive experiences developed at European level in the field of corporate mobility management and / or institutional, and those relating to mobility management school to get to identify and define a specific operating model to be disseminated at regional and transnational level through the partnertship and define shared training content for the SCHOOL MOBILITY MANAGER to experiment with school staff involved with the partnership and spreaded more widely in national contexts involved. The project includes such DIRECT TARGET: the school staff (school principals, teachers and other school staff) involved in mobility management activities. Facilitating participatory experiences aimed at promoting a culture of careful movement efficiency and environmental quality has such INDIRECT TARGET: students and young people, the citizens of the territories concerned, as well as all the actors and public and private stakeholders involved in mobility management processes. To achieve the objectives, based on a COOPERATIVE METHODOLOGY of analysis and participatory development that takes advantage of the experience and expertise of the partnership, the project involves the implementation of 6 INTEGRATED ACTIONS, in the time period defined by n. 27 months a total that will lead to the realization of the following Intellectual Oputput: IO1 - Mobilty Management: state of art and collection of good practices implemented IO2 - Operating Handbook (e.Guide e.toolKIT) for the School Mobility Manager IO3 – Training contents for School Mobility Manager; IO4 - Testing of traning contents. Expected results and impacts contents are both at the level of the organizations involved and the target participants in the activities and also related to a wider level by - an increase / improvement in the level of awareness of public stakholders / private to discuss the topics related to mobility management, the mobility management education and training of school personnel; - diffusion of the figure of school mobilty managers; - dissemination of thematic and training opportunities inherent mobilty managent; - increase in the number of training opportunities for school staff; - increase improving the level of cooperation between actors and stakeholders active in mobilty management and mobility of school management;a general improvement concerning innovation and organizational management of educational institutions.